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What Is SR50?

Affidavit of Current Insurance

An SR50 Filing, known as an Affidavit Of Current Insurance, provides proof of current insurance to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The Affidavit informs Indiana about the beginning and ending dates for an auto insurance policy. An SR50 should not be confused with being an insurance policy, it is a certificate issued by an insurance company to be sent directly to the BMV. An SR50 includes the name, driver’s license number, and coverage dates for an insured party, which Indiana uses to verify coverage on a specific date, where an SR22 is used to verify coverage for a specific period.

Drivers in Indiana are only required to send in an SR50 when they have received a notification from the state, usually because the BMV has received information regarding failure to show proof of insurance during a citation or accident. Indiana also performs random verifications by using SR50 forms.

Additional Forms Required by Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Certificate of Compliance (COC)

A Certificate of Compliance is a form that verifies financial responsibility for a specific incident date in the past for a specific vehicle, which must be signed by the insurance agent and filed electronically to the BMV. So, a Certificate of Compliance is necessary if you were insured when an incident occurred but could not provide proof of insurance during that time. A Certificate of Compliance is common for showing proof of insurance for accidents, citations, and the Previously Uninsured Motorist Registry (PUMR).

Proof of Future Financial Responsibility

An SR22 will suffice for proof of current insurance if an SR50 is needed for the reinstatement of driving privileges, an SR22 must be filed electronically to the BMV by an insurance provider. A valid SR22 Filing confirms proof of future financial responsibility, usually required for 3 years after the date of a suspension for a major violation.

Cancellation of Proof of Future Financial Responsibility

An SR26 Filing is used by insurance companies to notify the BMV that a policy reported on an SR22 or SR23 form has been canceled. The SR26 displays the cancellation date, and is sent electronically to the BMV by the insurance provider.

More About Indiana License Suspensions

Indiana law permits the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to suspend driving privileges, usually for certain violations, such as failure to provide proof of insurance. Indiana uses SR forms in conjunction with insurance policies to control license suspensions and reinstatement.

Proof of financial responsibility is required for any driver who:

– Cannot provide proof of insurance in the event of an accident.
– Has 3 traffic ticket convictions, with points assessed, in a 12 month period.
– Is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony involving a motor vehicle.
– Has been previously suspended for not having insurance.

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