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Did you know for over Ten years we have had an office in East Peoria on Springfield Road? We are located at 2003 Springfield Road, Suite One in the Mini Mall with Marlyn’s Laundromat across from the Phillips 66. For many years we were behind the New Twist, across the street from WEEK TV.

Personal Lines

Many of our current policyholders have auto and home insurance with us. We also insure their boats, campers
and motorcycles. All the fun stuff!

Contractors our Specialty:

When it comes to commercial lines insurance for contractors we provide the general liability, business auto/ trucks. All the tools, workers compensation, bonds. Whatever is needed. Our prices are good and our customer service is the best!

Food and Beverage Industry:

We know the hospitality business and represent the largest writer of Liquor Liability in Illinois. “Illinois Casualty Company”. We offer Businessowners, General Liability, Property and Dram Shop coverage for Special Events, Bars & Grills, Clubs, Convenient Stores and Liquor Stores. Our Businessowner Policy can’t be beat for coverage and cost savings.

We work with families just like yourself everyday to cover all their casualty and property exposures. We love doing it too!

Thank You,
Brian Keith Ledbetter

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