High Risk Auto Insurance

auto1 auto2 It’s happened to most of us. A distraction, a short loss of focus. POW! An Accident. Maybe in the last few years you got a couple too many minor violations or worst yet not using our best judgment driven when we shouldn’t. Hence, the dreaded DUI…Perhaps your a teenager or a Senior just trying to find auto coverage. Maybe you have a old car, sport car or high valued auto. Whatever the case my be: MULTI- ACCIDENTS DUI- ALCOHOL RELATED OFFENSES MAJOR VIOLATIONS TEENAGER or SENIOR HIGH PERFORMANCE AUTO We understand and want to help! Let us help you to get the right insurance. As an ”Independent Insurance Agent’ we have several different insurance companies available to find you the best price and coverage.  In addition, we can handle any of the SR22 or SR50 filings requirements. No matter what the case my be, We Got You Covered! Get Your Auto Insurance Quote Online or call 1-877-901-5544