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Homeowners, Renters and Rentals. Peoria residents, we can insure your home today! Old or New, Brick or Frame, Big or Little. Replacement Cost or Market Value. Let us help you insure your first home purchase or maybe your just looking for a better rate.

Either way we can get the job done. Good or poor credit we have the companies to get your home covered!



Please accept this email as acceptance and confirmation of our phone conversation this morning regarding your company’s offer to send my wife and I a check to cover replacement of our roof for $9018.57. We really appreciate the prompt response to our claim by all the folks connected with your company. That includes yourself, your independent adjuster, and my agent, Brian Ledbetter in Peoria, Illinois.You all were very prompt, courteous, and professional and just reinforced the good things my agent told me about Hastings Mutual. My wife, Rebecca, and I both extend a sincere thank-you to you for all of your assistance.

Dale W. L. Peoria, IL Site Buyer: Prove Design Caterpillar Inc.

Peoria Illinois Home Facts

The City of Peoria, Illinois has approximately 35,000 homes and condos, over 300 apartment complexes, and about 3,000 commercial properties. The total number of parcels with residential structures in all of Peoria County is over 65,000.

In 2011, Peoria had 346 structure fires, 1,410 false alarms, and 88 dumpster / rubbish fires.