Insurance Testimonials

When I had my accident my vehicle was in need of major repair. When I picked up my car I drive about 5 city blocks and I heard a clunk and the car just stopped and wouldn’t move. My car was towed back to the repair shop and they had explained to me that the axle that they had replaced happened to be the wrong size. This was repaired and shortly after picking the car up again a week later the car started making a clunking noise every time I hit a small bump. We called the shop and explained this to them they said to bring it back down. Again I was back at the same repair shop and now they are telling me that it was the strut and that it was from normal wear and tear and that the insurance company wouldnt’ cover the replacement of the part. I found this funny because they same repair shop said that they had to replace it when the car was originally brought down the first time from the initial accident. So the next day I called Ledbetter Insurance and spoke to Mr. Ledbetter and explained the situation on how the car had not been repaired correctly the past two times and the vehicle had been returned to the shop and that they were telling me that my insurance company wouldn’t cover the repairs my car. He was very prompt about getting this issue resolved and explained to me that the insurance would cover the damages to my car that arose out of the accident I was in three weeks earlier. Mr. Ledbetter really helped in getting my car back on the rode and I have never had a better experience with an Agent before. You can tell they care about there clients with customer service like that.

P. Williamson

June 5, 2015

Professional prompt service, really nice people. A testament as to why bigger insurance companys are not always better.

Aaron Warr
Film Maker

August 20, 2013

Proof of Insurance Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the wonderful service we received yesterday from Edie in renewing Billy’s insurance policy, via telephone, e-mail, and fax. In the fast-paced world we live in, it is not often that you find people willing to assist on short notice or when time is of the essence. Extra steps were taken to make sure coverage was completed by day’s end, and we are extremely grateful. Bless you! Thanks for such great service!

Susan and Billy

February 22, 2013

A few years ago I was in a car accident and the other person was at fault. I had over $10,000 in medical bills. I was having a hard time getting the insurance company to pay the bill. I hired a lawyer, but he didn’t do anything. I told Brian about it and ask if he could help. So I gave him the information I had. He found the claims person called her and sent her a letter demanding payment. Unbelievably, the next day she sent a check to the hospital for the balance owed. Brian has been my insurance agent for many years and has always treated me right. In this day in age it is reassuring to have an agent you can trust.


Buck’s Tree Service

June 14, 2012

We have been clients of Brian’s for many years. His company was recommended to me by one of my co-workers. I have in return recommended his company on many occasions. I think this is the best compliment you can give a company is to recommend them. Brian, is very service minded and his staff is very polite and professional. As a manager of a retail store I am always impressed by good service and that is what I get from Ledbetter Insurance!!!

Bob Edwards

February 8, 2012

We at Midwest Best Choice (MBC) were conducting business in Peoria and needed a surety bond for the city. After calling several providers, the team at Ledbetter Insurance Agency handled our needs with professional, accurate and a fast approach. Helping us to “get things handled!” A heartfelt “Thank You” to the team at Ledbetter.

Chad Preston Davis

Midwest Best Choice

August 30, 2011

We have been with Ledbetter Ins. Agency since returning to Illinois seven years ago. We have always received prompt attention with any claims, and the claims have been very well handled. We were never ignored when calling our agent, Brian, as we had been in the past with other insurance agents. Thank you Brian!

Curt and Sandy Foster

Bartonville, IL

Please accept this email as acceptance and confirmation of our phone conversation this morning regarding your company’s offer to send my wife and I a check to cover replacement of our roof for $9018.57. We really appreciate the prompt response to our claim by all the folks connected with your company. That includes yourself, your independent adjuster, and my agent, Brian Ledbetter in Peoria, Illinois.

You all were very prompt, courteous, and professional and just reinforced the good things my agent told me about Hastings Mutual. My wife, Rebecca, and I both extend a sincere thank-you to you for all of your assistance.

Dale W. L.

Peoria, IL

Site Buyer: Prove Design

Caterpillar Inc.

Dear Mr. Ledbetter: Thank you for all your help on my roof claim. The adjuster called me the same day I called you and came out 2 days later. He was nice. I received the claim check right away. Also, thanks for recommending Mr. Williams who did the repair. He did a very good job.

Mark H.

Peoria, IL

Banquet Director

Radisson Hotels

Top Notch Service: I have been a client with Ledbetter Ins. for 6 years and always have been very pleased with the professionalism and service I have been given from Brian and his wonderful staff.